Choose the right dresses for your flower girls

It’s not difficult to choose the right dresses for the flower girls. You just need to hold on to three key factors.

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The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is that the flower girl dresses must be age-appropriated.

Most people would say that the flower girl is like the mini version of the brides, and then naturally the flower girl dress should be exactly like the bride. Yes, it is true that the flower girl is like a mini version of the bride. But remember she also represents the innocence of the bride. So the flower girl dress should be just simple and elegant. In some cases, flower girl dress can be the same with the bride’s wedding dress. But in other cases, when the bride wears a sassy or revealing wedding dress, then it’s better for the flower girl wears a more classic flower girl dress, cause the flower girl dress should make the flower girl feels comfortable, sweet and innocent. Usually, the safe choice would be a tea-length dress, a ball gown dress, or something like that.

The second key factor is about the colour: the colour flower girl dress should go with the wedding theme.

White dress is also way the safe choice, but don’t be afraid to be a little creative. You might wonder why most flower girl dresses are white. Well, one the thing is the whole angel-like, innocent thing, and another is the mini-bride symbolic thing, hence the white flower girl dresses fill the market. White dress is a safe one but it is not mandatory. According to the weeding theme, there are many other colors you can consider, such as ivory, yellow, blue, pink, purple… these wedding dress can be one of the highlights at a wedding and can also add a bit of fun style to a wedding. If a white dress is preferred, you can also add a bit of color on the belt or the sash. It’ll be a nice touch.

Last but not the least, make sure the flower girl dress is comfortable for the flower girl.

It is actually an very important factor. By comfortable, on the one hand, it means, the flower girl dress is cozy to wear, on the other hand, it means choose the dress the flower girl actually likes. If the flower girl is more of a boyish kid or simply just a tomboy, if she is strongly against wearing a dress, then it’s just no big deal to turn the flower girl dress into a flower girl suit.

About flower girl dresses, just stick to the above-mention three points, then you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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The Ultimate Flower Girl Guide to a Wedding

Among all the things that need to be done before a wedding, the flower girl is certainly one important task that cannot be neglected. Now don’t be alarmed. Lucky for you, in this ultimate flower girl guide to a wedding, we are going to make you a flower girl expert.
We understand all the tasks and choices can be so overwhelming on a big wedding. We’d like to make it easy for you on the flower girl problems and help you with all the details you need to pay attention to.
If you are new to all this, the first question you might ask is what is a flower girl.
Try to remember the recent wedding you attended, or simply the royal wedding that happened very recently. That angelic little girl who scatters petals along the aisle and introduces the bride is a flower girl.
Now don’t mistake flower girl with bridesmaid. A flower girl’s job is much less complicated than a bridesmaid, but just as important. The little flower girl is usually very young – not over ten years old. She carries a little basket and scatters flower petals or in some occasion – other creative things that the bride and groom wants. She walks down the aisle before the bride. She’s like a little cute announcement: here comes the bride! The flower girl is all about representing the innocence of the bride, and leading the bride from the innocence of a girl to the maturity of a woman.

The second question you might ask is who can be the flower girl?
Well, flower girl is usually from the bride’s side of family or friends. She can be the bride’s niece, cousin, god daughter or a good friend’s daughter.
Finally the question is what should a flower girl wear?
You can refer to Princess Charlotte on this question. Keep it simple and elegant can’t be wrong. Flower girl usually wears a white dress with similar style of the bride’s wedding dress, but of course you can change the style or color of Flower Girl Dresses according to your wedding theme.

The Age of the Flower Girls You Should Know

Once you know all about the flower girl, you can begin to pick you flower girl now! Then we are facing the age problem. Actually it’s not that complicated. Girls of all ages can participate in your wedding. All you need is different strategies for girls of different ages.
1. Infant/baby less than 18 months:

Infant/baby less than 18 months Infant/baby less than 18 months
What if the ideal flower girl for your wedding is really really young- let’s say someone who cannot walk yet, a little baby actually? It’s OK, though she might not remember being a flower girl at your wedding when she’s growing up but it’s doesn’t mean she cannot take the role as a flower girl.
It’s actually very beautiful, almost fairytale-like and surprisingly easy in this situation, because you can prepare a little wagon for her. Decorate the wagon with flowers, veils and balloons, sit the baby flower girl in the wagon with the white soft cotton flower girl dresses and let the page boy pull the wagon down the aisle. It’s a beautiful sight even just thinking about it.

2. 2-3 years old flower girl

2-3 years old flower girl
Now 2-3 years old flower girls can be a little tricky. Children of these ages can be a bit hard to control. So if the ideal flower girl is 2-3 years old, please prepare for the potential meltdowns and tantrums. They also need a lot of encouragement. So it’s best to have her parents leading them beside the aisle, and let someone she’s familiar with waiting her at the end of the aisle with a toy she really likes. In addition, you don’t want to let she wear a long flower girl dress, for she just learnt how to walk, she might be tripped over by the dress, following with all the screaming and crying. But think of it in another way, it’s kinda funny though, as long as you are not a perfectionist.
3. Flower girl between 3-5 years old.

Flower girl between 3-5 years old
If you are a perfectionist, then it is recommended that you pick someone who’s between 3-5 years old. They can walk down the aisle; they can scatter the petals – those are not the problems, the problem for flower girl between 3-5 year old is losing their focus. Once the most important job – petal-scattering is done, it cannot be guaranteed that they are just going to stay stand there nicely until the end of the ceremony. So prepare her for some little toys for her to play with during ceremony, or maybe just some funny cue bowtie on the flower girl dress.

4. Flower girl between 6-10 years old.

Flower girl between 6-10 years old
If you pick a 6-10 years old flower girl, congrats, they are safe from sabotaging your wedding with screaming or crying or running away or other unexpected behavior. They usually will do their job and happily go through the ceremony and keep the guests entertained as long as you prepare them in advance. Talk them through the process and in exchange with some rewards-let’s say a beautiful flower girl dress!
5. Girls over 10 year old

Girls over 10 year old
The age of a flower girl is usually under 10 years old. If the girl who’s really close to you and you really want to have her at your wedding you can make her a junior bridesmaid instead of a flower girl. Believe me, she will be more than rejoiced to be your junior bridesmaid with the even prettier junior bridesmaid dresses, the responsibility of some small tasks and the feeling of being treated like a little adult.
So the age of a flower girl, it’s not a big problem. All you need is some tricks and strategies accordingly: some toys or a beautiful flower girl dress. And don’t be worried if the little kids surprise you at the actual wedding day. It’ll be funny to think about it after many years and you say to them all grown up:” hey remember you crying at my wedding?”