Among all the things that need to be done before a wedding, the flower girl is certainly one important task that cannot be neglected. Now don’t be alarmed. Lucky for you, in this ultimate flower girl guide to a wedding, we are going to make you a flower girl expert.
We understand all the tasks and choices can be so overwhelming on a big wedding. We’d like to make it easy for you on the flower girl problems and help you with all the details you need to pay attention to.
If you are new to all this, the first question you might ask is what is a flower girl.
Try to remember the recent wedding you attended, or simply the royal wedding that happened very recently. That angelic little girl who scatters petals along the aisle and introduces the bride is a flower girl.
Now don’t mistake flower girl with bridesmaid. A flower girl’s job is much less complicated than a bridesmaid, but just as important. The little flower girl is usually very young – not over ten years old. She carries a little basket and scatters flower petals or in some occasion – other creative things that the bride and groom wants. She walks down the aisle before the bride. She’s like a little cute announcement: here comes the bride! The flower girl is all about representing the innocence of the bride, and leading the bride from the innocence of a girl to the maturity of a woman.

The second question you might ask is who can be the flower girl?
Well, flower girl is usually from the bride’s side of family or friends. She can be the bride’s niece, cousin, god daughter or a good friend’s daughter.
Finally the question is what should a flower girl wear?
You can refer to Princess Charlotte on this question. Keep it simple and elegant can’t be wrong. Flower girl usually wears a white dress with similar style of the bride’s wedding dress, but of course you can change the style or color of Flower Girl Dresses according to your wedding theme.